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Why the Trabi XXL?

10 good reasons for renting the Trabi XXL Trabant stretch limousines

1. The XXL Trabant Limousines are one of a kind. These cars are expensive DIY`s and totally unique.
2. In the stretch Trabi fun is guaranteed. You have probably never before had such fun - the XXL Trabi is probably the funniest car ever.
3. The Trabi-XXL is a sweet, charming and positive car. The reactions of passersby/audience have been overwhelmingly positive, everyone is pleased with this limousine.
4. The Trabi-XXL fits perfectly to Berlin again and this reflects an important part of German history. Take a ride with us for a very special and exclusive city tour.
5. Always the right occasion: Whether birthday, wedding, anniversary, corporate event or visiting Berlin. The stretch Trabant is the highlight everywhere.
6. Exclusive experience with individual planning: We do not offer "off the shelf programs". Talk to us and let us create a personally tailored tour. Of course completely free of charge.
7. Celebrity Feeling. If you feel like a real celebrity book a fantastic experience with us. Get out at the Brandenburg Gate for example and the flashing lights of cameras and phones will click incessantly.
8. No envy factor as is possible with other stretch limousines. In the stretch Trabi you are viewed by all in a happy way as they constantly wave.
9. Absolutely unforgettable. The ride in the Trabant stretch limo will always remain in your memory and you'll talk about it for a long time to come.
10. And not least the environment (actually this was supposed to come first). Trabi-XXL is committed to our environment (see here). For each trip, we plant a tree. That is a promise!
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