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A Trabi with cult status which is unique in the world!

The seven-meter-long Trabi stretch limousines that draw the greatest attention.

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The fascinating Trabi XXL!
"Cool, I do not believe it!" , "Wow, what is that?", "Amazing, look over there!" One could go on and on with responses such as these to the stretch Trabi and it does not matter where or how the super long Trabi is seen. It fascinates and thrills spectators, pedestrians and its guests alike. The noble XXL Trabant is so crazy, hilarious and striking.

It was created in countless hours of work from four former original Trabant 601 and Trabant 1.1 vehicles into a very special luxury limousine in the style of the American stretch limos.

The Trabi XXL stretch limousines "de luxe", steal the show from almost all other vehicles. A unique, noble Trabi, as a luxury limousine which certainly would have thrilled Erich Honecker in East Germany. Unique, fascinating cars which combine German history and incredible fun in Berlin, Potsdam and also beyond like no other.

The unique "stretch Trabi"s are fitted with three axles (tandem), tinted windows, unbelievable big roofs for best sight, romantic interior lighting, separate heating, driver glass partition, super soft shaggy carpet, exclusive leather interior, extra strong Hi-Fi sound system, underbody lighting etc.

Despite their length, the XXL stretch Trabants are also currently in both width and height still original Trabis and actually a pretty small and cute car. Approved to carry 6 people, including the driver, i.e. up to 5 passengers. But this makes the ride in this Trabi limo so exclusive and unique. Driving a Trabbi with a difference.
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Discover Berlin with Trabi-XXL
Trabi buchen
Rent this incredible Trabi privately chauffeured for a Trabi safari through the city jungle of Berlin or for fancy birthday parties, anniversaries and memorable wedding anniversaries or as an agency for incentives, events and PR appearances to give your clients an unprecedented Berlin experience which is absolutely first-class and they which they are guaranteed to rave and talk about for a long time after.
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