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The Trabi-XXL as an ideal advertising medium!

Put yourself and your advertising on the scene with the unique Trabi-XXL and be a major success.

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Present your advertising message, your brand or your effective advertising campaign and capture the most attention. No matter where the stretch Trabant appears or is located, the cameras are clicking constantly. It is a constant focus of interest, people turn their heads to watch. There is hardly a car in Germany, which could bring you more publicity. The Trabi XXL as the ideal advertising medium!

The long side panels, the windows, engine and trunk bonnets can be covered individually with your slogan and your message. Then the car can be located either stationary permanently somewhere, or as you drive with promoters of the places in the city where you will find the largest audiences Our service is not limited only to Berlin. Negotiation PR campaigns can be arranged throughout Germany.

Take advantage of the unique selling potential and attention attracted by the unique stretch Trabants for your campaign. Contact us and let us make you an offer.
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Ask us for flat-rate trade fair prices for having the extremely eye-catching Trabants on your stand as an exclusive eye-catcher. The visitors will thank you! Of course, also labeled with your brand, witty slogan or message. The happy stretch Trabant as a popular symbol always will bring your company to mind on the many photos and meetings and guarantees you an all-round positive appearance creating loads of attention.
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Effective marketing with Trabi-XXL
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Whether for advertising, PR campaigns or trade fairs, the unique XXL Trabi is a terrific audience and attention magnet to give your product maximum publicity. The stretch Trabant generates immediately only by its appearance incredibly astonished, enthusiastic and cheerful crowds. Take advantage of this enthusiasm for your company, campaign or product.
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